Spinning Jenny develops high-end sustainable yarns for demanding purposes in the industry, construction, clothing, automotive, home decoration and other industries.

Recycled textile is our foundation

The rise of Fast Fashion and the exponential growth of used textiles is creating an ever-increasing mountain of waste. We are making this waste mountain smaller. How? Simply! Spinning Jenny does not see discarded textiles as waste, but as valuable raw materials for her sustainable quality yarn.

Our yarn

Spinning Jenny makes the world a little more beautiful.

The textile industry has a negative effect on the environment: in fashion, out of fashion, on the trash heap … and meanwhile we pollute water, produce gigantic CO2 emissions and people on the other side of the world are exploited. We can do things differently!

Our philosophy

Our savings with every 1,000 kg

We do it differently. The Spinning Jenny production process is less harmful to the environment. We save on every 1,000 meters of yarn

14.000 litre water
1 kg polluting
50 kwh energy
23 kg CO2

Also contribute

Circular quality yarns from recycled and sustainable raw materials. That’s not for woolly socks, but for cool clothing and other applications! Do you want to join us in fighting that mountain of waste?

Come work with us for a more beautiful world!

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