Spinning Jenny

The name Spinning Jenny is a reference to the invention of a new type of spinning machine, invented by James Hargreaves in 1764. At the time, this machine ensured scaling up, because several threads could be spun at the same time. Large production? That's exactly what we do!

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The latest technology

Our spinning mill is one of the most modern spinning mills in Europe. We work with the latest machines and a team of pioneers and problem solvers. We don’t shy away from a challenge! In this way we can ensure on a large scale that textile waste becomes our new raw materials and that as little as possible is incinerated or landfilled. We feel responsible for our future generations.

Our Golden Circle

1 Why


The emergence of Fast Fashion and the ever-expanding consumer society are causing large-scale pollution of the earth. Depleted resources, emissions, water pollution and increasing waste mountains are a global problem. With Spinning Jenny we contribute to making the textile industry more sustainable. The small remaining industry is still very dependent on large foreign parties, while there is still a lot of knowledge available in the Netherlands and Twente. Spinning Jenny wants to contribute to this locally.

2 How


We are going to make the world a little more beautiful by spinning circular yarns. We want to be different and take recycling out of the box. We want to bring the textile industry back to Europe/the Netherlands. We offer Dutch textile processors a production partner and the remaining knitting and weaving companies a reliable partner for quality yarn.

3 What


We make high-quality yarns made from sustainable and low-impact materials in a local production environment.

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The personal approach forms our team.

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