A unique production process where we collaborated with Dutch partners to realize this innovation. From field to fabric, every step of the cotton production process happened right here in the Netherlands.

After harvesting at Wageningen University & Research, a small batch of Dutch Cotton with a unique fiber quality was delivered at our spinning mill in Nijverdal. Our dedicated team processed this batch into a 100% Dutch Cotton yarn. A real challenge considering the quantities. In the end, we produced around 12 KGs of yarn. This was quite the challenge and an ultimate test of craftsmanship. With our state-of-the-art machinery and our dedicated team of experts, we made it happen. An impressive high-quality 100% Dutch Cotton yarn!

The yarn was then plied at Artofil in Brabant and woven by Enschede Textielstad in Enschede. The result? A beautiful and unique pair of denim made entirely from Dutch Cotton.

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See the video at: Homegrown Denim: The complete journey (youtube.com)

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