Sustainable yarn

High quality yarn made from sustainable and low-impact materials in a local production environment.

Only the best
is good enough

For our yarns we use carefully selected recycled fibers of the best qualities. Like our yarns, we have the fibers produced close to home. We buy locally and European as much as possible to guarantee the best quality.


1 Recycle


In fashion, out of fashion, on to the waste mountain. In the Netherlands, you can collect your old textiles in special containers. This textile is sorted by color and material. Then the mechanical recycling process begins: the textile is chopped and fiberized. And that can be put to good use for Jenny.

2 Re-create


The recycled textile fibers enter the spinning mill as raw material. The first step is to optimize the value by finding the right composition of the recycled textile fibers. We then process this composition into a wick for optimal quality yarn.

3 Yarn spinning

Yarn spinning

Our spinning mill is sustainable. We have more than 1000 solar panels. We do not use water, dyes or chemicals. We use only our ultra-modern machinery and skilled colleagues. At Spinning Jenny we spin yarns in various thicknesses and qualities for all market sectors.

Development Goals

The textile industry has a negative impact on the environment: in fashion, out of fashion, on the waste mountain… Meanwhile, we pollute water, produce gigantic CO2 emissions and people on the other side of the world are exploited. We can do things differently! We work according to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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For every sector

We develop our high-quality, sustainable yarns for the 12 textile sectors, among others.

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